Board 2021-2022 (21th board)


Have you always wanted to be in charge of our beautiful association, do you want to make sure Steve organizes fun training sessions again, do you want to be responsible for the organization of awesome Throwdowns and other fun activities for members of Hercules? Then maybe a board year at Hercules is what you’re looking for.

During a board year you fulfill a specific function committee and you are responsible for a few committees. Together with the other board members and the activities committee members, you keep the association running. Moreover, doing a board year entails many fun activities with your fellow (board) members. In addition, doing a board year can help you enormously with your personal development, and it also looks good on your CV.

So if you are interested in doing a board year, or if you just want some more information about doing a board year, please contact us! We are happy to answer all your questions about doing a board year at Hercules!

Board 2020-2021 (20th board)

The new board of SKV Hercules consists of:

  • Chairwoman: Sabine Peters
  • Secretary: Pranav Chobdar
  • Treasurer: Danique Hemme
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Matthijs Huijing

Board 2019-2020 (19th board)

The board of SKV Hercules consists of:

  • Chairman: Corné Dijkstra
  • Secretary: Dorte Rotteveel
  • Treasurer: Jorieke Havinga
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Jesse van der Velden

The board as a whole can be reached at:

Board 2018-2019 (18th board)

The board of SKV Hercules consists of:

  • Chairman: Jesper Faessen
  • Secretary: Marjolein Velthuizen
  • Treasurer: Hanneke Verschoor
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Jesse Weggemans

Board 2017-2018 (17th board)

  • Chairman: Paul Schepers
  • Secretary: Leander Baak
  • Treasurer: Shantal Kartoidjojo
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Jesse Buiteveld

Board 2016-2017 (16th board)

  • Chairman: Jelle Slief
  • Secretary: Tim Douma
  • Treasurer: Sibren Vuurberg
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Ingrid van den Heuvel

Board 2015–2016 (15th board)

  • Chairman: Teun Evers
  • Secretary: Tycho Teesselink
  • Treasurer: Cas Brouwer
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Marije den Hollander

Board 2014–2015 (14th board)

  • Chairman: Frank Jansen
  • Secretary : Lea Kellermann-Gummersbach
  • Treasurer: Martin Klein Schaarsberg
  • Commissioner Internal/External relations: Svenja Gerdes

Board 2013–2014 (13th board)

  • Chairman: Jorick van ‘t Oever
  • Secretary: Wilbert Winklaar
  • Treasurer: Frank Helling

Board 2012-2013 (12th Board)

  • Chairman: Jorick van ‘t Oever
  • Secretary: Wilbert Winklaar
  • Treasurer: Frank Helling

Board 2011-2012 (11th Board)

  • Chairman: Sjon Berghout
  • Secretary: Jorick van ‘t Oever
  • Treasurer: Thomas Schonk

Board 2010-2011 (10th Board)

  • Chairman: Thomas Schonk
  • Secretary: Sjon Berghout
  • Treasurer: Pim Dietz

Board 2009-2010 (9th Board)

  • Chairman: Thomas Schonk
  • Secretary: Johannes Berghout
  • Treasurer: Willem-Jan Dietz

Board 2008-2009 (8th Board)

  • Chairman: Arno Eijkelkamp
  • Secretary: Thomas Schonk
  • Deputy Officer: Daan Scheerens

Board Sept. 2006- Aug. 2007 & 2007-2008 (switch to academic years)

  • Chairman: Eelco van Ruiten
  • Secretary: Jos Oldegberts
  • Treasurer: Sjoerd Kolk
  • Deputy Officer: Roderick Knuiman

Board Jan – Sept. 2006 (5th Board)

  • Chairman: Bert (Bertand) Beasjou
  • Treasurer: Thierry Mentzel
  • Secretary: Eelco van Ruiten
  • Deputy Officer: Frank Cozijn

Board 2005 (4th Board)

  • Chairman: Gijs van de Wetering
  • Treasurer: Sebastian Ootjers
  • Secretary: Jacco (Jacob) Beens
  • Commissioner Fitness: Bert (Bertand) Baesjou
  • Deputy officer: Ruurd-Jelmer Huizenga

Board 2004 (3rd Board)

  • Chairman: Sicco Jansen
  • Secretary: Gijs van de Wetering
  • Treasurer: Johan Hiemstra
  • Commissioner Fitness: Ingmar Boer

Board 2003 (2nd Board)

  • Chairman: Sicco Jansen
  • Treasurer: Erik Meffert
  • Secretary: Johan Hiemstra
  • Commissioner Activities: Vincent Sombroek

Board Nov. 2001- Dec. 2002 (1st Board)

  • Chairman: Nico van Baarsen (Founder)
  • Secretary: Jarno Bouwhuis (Founder)
  • Treasurer: Erik Meffert (Founder) (/ Christiaan Rose)
  • Webmaster: David van der Laan