Dumbbell C&J

Warmup: 3 minute on machine (rowing) WOD: 20 min. AMRAP of: 8 toes to bar 12 cal. rowing/ other machine 10 Clean & Jerks (~ 15 kg men, 10kg women) 3 rounds of: 30 – 40 sec. super man hold 12 Dumbbell Lunges 8 Hand-release Push Ups Tabata: core abs Some stretching as cool down

Snatches and burpees

Warmup: 3 min. machine Practice: snatches WOD: 12 min time cap: Every minute: 6 box jump burpees 40 snatches in total

Overhead Squats

Warmup: 3 min. on machine Practice: 5×5 Overhead Squats WOD: former Lowland Throwdown: 9 min time cap with a dumbbell 1. 3 rounds of: 40 Double unders (or max 30 sec.) 25 one arm front squats 2. 3 rounds of: 40 Double unders (or max 30 sec.) 25 one arm shoulder to overheads 3. last … Continued


Warmup: 3 min. machine Practice: deadlifts WOD: something fun…

Clean & Jerks

Warmup: 3 min on machine Practice: Clean ‘n Jerks WOD: 500 m rowing 25 burpees 500 m rowing 50 lunges 500 m rowing 50 thrusters

Trainings continue again!

We’re glad to announce the trainings continue again! The trainings time as back to normal again: Monday & Wednesday: 21:00 – 22:00 @ CrossFit Twent Thursday: 18:00 – 19:00 @ Sports Centre SC6 For now, don’t forget to bring your Corona QR, and a facemask.

Monday Afternoon

Glad we can still continue classes in the afternoon, in these crazy times. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door S.K.V. Hercules (@s.k.v.hercules) Warmup: 2 min machines Technique: Barbell drills Cleans, 14 min. every 2 min. perform 5 reps WOD: 200 m run 15 Toes to Bar 10 Cleans

Thursday Training

Warmup: round around the hill, mountain climbers, Jumping Jacks, Technique: Squats, Push Ups WOD: for time, 5 times, max. 20 min. 10 Push-Ups 20 Tuck Jumps 30 Sit-Ups 40 Air Squats 30 sec. plank Cooling down: some stretching

Swing’n around

Warmup: 3 min. of rowing/ cycling, 4 Turkish get-up Technique: Kettlebell swings & Goblet Squats WOD: 24 min. EMOM. 50 sec., 10 sec. rest: Sit-Ups Box Jumps Push-Ups Kettlebell Swings Goblet Squats Rest

Open Wednesday Class

Warmup: 3 min machines., 10 min. drills Technique: Overhead Press WOD: 10 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 15 Burpees 10 Lunges, plate of weight Push Out 5 Seated Overhead Presses with plate of weight

Open Monday Class

Warmup: 3 min. machines Technique: Air Squats & Front Squats WOD: 10 min. AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 5 Push-Ups 10 Sit-Ups 15 Air Squats

Last WOD – Gotta push it all

Warmup: 3 min. machines WOD: Dumbbell Deadlifts Dumbbell High-Cleans Dumbbell Jerk Double Unders Kettlebell Swings Goblet Squats Box Jumps Pull-Ups Sit-Ups Push-Ups Hand-Stand Holds Sled Push

Clean ‘n Jerks

Warmup: 3 min. machines 10 Air Squats + Rotation 10 Downward facing dog + upward facing dog 10 Push-Ups Technique: Clean ‘n Jerks WOD 1: Dumbbell DT & Burpees 10 min. time cap 21 Burpees 12 Dumbbell Deadlifts 18 Burpees 9 Dumbbell High Pull Cleans 15 Burpees 6 Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overheads  12 Burpees WOD 2: Dumbbell … Continued

Bench Presses

Warmup: 2 min. machines 10 Push-Ups 20s. Active Hangs 10 Band Pull Aparts 10 Banded Good Mornings Technique: Bench Press WOD: EMOM w: Sled Push Sand bag Carry Slam Balls Rope climbs

Chicken Saltimbocca Recipe

Hi everyone, Since lockdown has kept us mostly indoors it may be fun to try out this new tasty and healthy recipe. We hope you enjoy 🙂 Ingredients: (for 4 persons) 4 chicken cutlets, roughly 4 ounces each salt and pepper 2 teaspoons of minced fresh sage 4 fresh sage leaves 4 slices of prosciutto (you could do 8 slices and … Continued

Food Guide

This is a short introduction to help you improve your diet and lifestyle! 🙂

Thursday Training

Warm up: 400 m run (half way over the hill, and back) 3 rounds – on place: 3 Inch Worms 10 Shoulder Taps (5 each side) 10 Squat reaches (5 each side) Dead by (10 min.): (warm up: active/ passive hangs and scapular push ups) So first min. 1 Pull Up & 1 Push Up, … Continued

Back Squats

Warm up: 2 min machine (rowing/ skiing/ assault bike) 20 Lunges 20 Squat Rotations 20 s. Wrist Rotations 20 Super mans Skill: Back Squat BAMF WOD: 21 – 15 – 9: Back Squats Front Squats Overhead Squats

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Warm up: 2 rounds: Run 200 m 10 kettle bell good mornings 10 Goblet Squats 10 Kettle bell High Pulls Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull WOD: 25 min. AMRAP 50 Wall Balls 20 Push Ups 50 Bird Dogs 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 50 Sit Ups 20 Front Squats 50 Burpees over barbell Core: Tabata

Snatches 🏋️‍♂️

Warming up: Practice with stick and barbell for snatches Skill: Snatches WOD: 6 min AMRAP 2 Barbell Snatches 2, 4, 6 (adding two each round)…x burpees