Unfortunately there is no possibility to sign up for the rest of the academic year, as the trainings have to be manageable for the amount of trainers that we have. For any more information, you can send an email to:

To become a member of S.K.V. Hercules you have to be a student/employee of Saxion, ArteZ or University of Twente (or even another University in the Netherlands). You need to fill in a sign-up form, buy an Union Card and an association fee. The sign-up form is provided by a member of the board after the Open Trainings and needs to be handed in before the end of the first week of the academic year.

Half year subscriptions will automatically be extended in February/ September, while whole year subscriptions will automatically be extended for one year in September. You will receive an email in time to remind you to extend or cancel your membership.  See also: Leaving Hercules. If you currently have a half year subscription and want to switch to a whole year subscription (or the other way around), please send an email before August to:


  • Whole year: €70*
    September 2019 to August 2020
  • Half year: €50*
    September 2019 to January 2020
    February 2020 to August 2020

*excluding the purchase of the UnionCard and their association fee: €62.50 for a full year (if purchased before October), or €44 for half a year for UT/ ArtEz students.

Since the academic year 2019-2020 HBO (Saxion, Applied Sciences) students need to pay €160 (or €93 for half a year) for the UnionCard and their association fee. This increase is the result of the discontinued collaborations with Saxion and the UT’s Student Union. See also: this news article of StudentUnion and this price list for externals: HBO Saxion students need to get the CampusCard in category A and the assocation fee with a 50% discount in category A. Go to the reception of the Sports Centre to get your CampusCard.


As S.K.V. Hercules is a student sport association of the UT it is mandatory to buy a Union Card and pay their association fee. The Union Card gives you some benefits as a student, for example free use of swimming pools on the UT or near the city center, reserving music studios, playing squash at the Twentehallen or playing pool/ snooker on the campus, as well as several discounts. So also check out the UnionDeals website! The association fee is set up as a means to support small associations with few members, and to maintain sport buildings and tracks on the campus.

Student at Saxion/ ArtEZ? Student at another Dutch University and doing a minor here while having a valid sports card of that other University? Go to the reception of the Sports Centre to get your Campus/ Union Card.