HercuLens is the media committee. Members of this committee will take care of taking photos and videos during special occasions. Another task is the management of Hercules on the different (social) media platforms. Besides they will keep the website up to date!

EnthousiasCie (the weekend trip/ activity committee)

In addition to the workshops and trainings, Hercules also organises several activities. The EnthousiasCie, has the task to arrange those workshops and fun activities, and provide members with information. As enthusiasm is in the name, they will make sure many members show up on a playful manner. Also they organise once a year a weekend trip, and arranging several side activities around the introductory trainings starting September. Do you have nice ideas for other activities? Contact the board!

The MerChie

The Merchie organises the cool merchandise, so you can proudly wear clothes from Hercules.

Throwdown Committee

The Throwdown Committee organizes twice a year the Hercules Throwdown. These are always super awesome days with insane workouts, enough protein enriched food, and a lot of fun. Of course, these throwdowns needs to be arranged, and people need to get motivated to participate. That’s the task of the Throwdown committee!