Corona (COVID-19) Update

As a sporting association we also are affected by the Corona measures taken by the Dutch government and the UT. Here below we will update the most important things for the association


Events are mostly cancelled until 1st of September. However we are looking in to fun 1.5 m activities with a small number of people after 1st of June. More info will be on the WhatsApp group and Email.


The trainings are resumed, yet on a different time. We currently have 2 trainings at the UT only at two locations at each side of the UTrack. The trainings at each side are different, but will be given twice per week so you can enjoy both activities.
Monday: 20:15 – 21:15 at the Bootcamp terrain (upper body) / High Jump Mat (lower body)
Thursday: 20:15 – 21:15 at the Bootcamp terrain (upper body)/ High Jump Mat (lower body)
At the trainings we follow the sports protocol of the UT which you have to read carefully before you come to a training.

You have to sign up before the training, with a maximum amount of 9 people at each side. If there are too many sign ups, you will be placed on the reserve list. People frequently coming to the trainings have to make place for those reserve places. We will notice everyone a couple of hours before each training starts if things changes.

If we see there are frequently a lot of people on the reserve list we will organize some more training opportunities.

1st of July

We’re very excited that gyms might open again on the 1st of July! We will keep you informed for any upcoming changes at CrossFit Twente again.


We understand due Corona you also have questions about this year’s contribution. Hercules will continue to collect dues as usual this year. As an UT sports association, we follow the advice of both the UTand the NOC-NSF. Unfortunately, the costs for our association continue to run as normal, which means that we are also forced to continue to collect our membership fees.


When more information about the situation becomes known, we will inform you here by Email, Whatsapp and this page.
If you have any questions, you can of course contact