Written by upcoming commisioner intern/extern relations: Jesse vd. Velden: As traditional, Hercules made a trip as well this year. As upcoming commissioner intern/ extern relations I couldn’t miss out on this legendary weekend of course! This time we went to Fryslân in the nice Ascension weekend (Hemelvaartsweekend). As it was still a bit of a surprise for me what we went to do, I didn’t know what to expect. (Waking up early while still being half drunk, doing a CrossFit WOD?) Luckily we just had a super relaxed weekend, with some other chill, but still sporty events. We stayed at Lieke’s parents where we set up our tents on the big grass field. As it was almost already Dutch dinner time, we just made some good ol’ pasta carbonara. After the pasta and lemonade, it was time for some beer and card games! Followed by some strong campfire stories until the early hours. 

We could not sleep that long though, as most of the tents were almost cooking like a greenhouse in the morning sun. After breakfast we went to the Alde Feanen where we went on a nice kayak/ canoe trip. The weather was great, so we just had a super relaxed time exploring the lake area, made a picnic along the way and went into the bushes (like a Dutch mangrove forest) doing the adventure route, where normal boats couldn’t come. Afterwards, we drank something at a terrace at the water side. We took an IVO’tje (ijsje voor onderweg) (ice cream for the way back) and went back to Lieke’s parents. It really already felt like a mini vacation.

After we had enjoyed Steve’s legendary burgers from the barbecue, we played some ultimate frisbee. Then we did some more games. Let’s keep it simple, I won’t tell all the details but I got banged and killed a lot. When the campfire was warmed up, we started to play Weerwolven (Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow)  until the birds started tweeting again. So if you hear any references to that, it was that legendary evening, where I had the pleasure to get to know some members of the association even in a more psychological way (MolTalk was nothing compared to our own Werewolves commentary debriefing after each game). The next morning some people woke up, but also some died (luckily in the game only). Unfortunately we all had to leave when we woke up. After a nice Sunday’s breakfast we packed our tents, and got back to Enschede again. It was a super nice, relaxed but still active weekend! I will see you hopefully next time on one of the next trips!